Order & MP3 FAQs


  • We use the same secure internet shopping technology as Amazon, etc., so your information is secure.
  • Orders ship within 1 or 2 business days.
  • Orders to the US ship by 1st class (1-2 CDs) or Priority Mail (3 or more).
  • If you have special shipping needs (like 'expedited'), contact us—we're here to help!
  • We can 'drop ship' to your friend. And we're happy to include a note for you. Contact us—we're here to help!


MP3s of ALL of my music are available on my website without you having to pay FIRST! (click to play, right-click to save). You can completely 'try before you buy'.

All MP3s are 'CD quality' (160 KBps).

And no copy-protection, none of that. Instead of all the paranoia and lawyers and DRM (copy-protection) that punishes the honest music consumer more than the 'pirates' (they have ways around it)—how about the honor system?

If you download something, and it doesn't do anything for you, that's OK—I don't want your money for something you're not going to use. But if my music does something for you, do a little monetary something for me and (Or buy the album! <grin!>)