• NEW CD: Gothic Christmas

    October 18, 2008 06:54

    I just returned from a long trip to Transylvania <wink!> where I helped a f(r)iend make a recording: Count Bachula (666-?), the not so great great great...great uncle of the famous composer J.S.Bach—on the Transylvania side. Count Bachula and his music have recently been unearthed. The Count wanted to record some of his Vampire Holiday Favorites such as:

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    [caption ...

  • New Music (sort of): Four Prayers

    July 01, 2008 18:28

    I wrote these some time ago—at the time there was the possibility of a performance for glass armonica and soprano. Alas, the performance never came to pass.

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    So here's the set of pieces I wrote: Four Prayers. They were inspired by a verse in the Bible about how "the Holy Spirit intercedes for us with groans too deep for words." I always thought that was an interesting ...

  • New CD: A World With No Tears

    June 07, 2008 18:36

    I've done seven CDs to date, all of them featuring the glass armonica. And I plan to do many more featuring that instrument (like the next one!). But every instrument has its own unique voice, and I've had some piano music in me that just insisted on getting written. I presented some of these tracks in previous blogs, they are here on CD for the first time, as well as some brand-new tracks available for the first time.

    Buckminister Fuller (1895-1983), author, inventor and visionary, pointed out that right now, today, we have the technology to feed every person on this planet. What is stopping us is not technology, but the lack of collective will to make it happen. We have the Collective Mind to know how to do it, now we need a change of Collective Heart. And this same observation can be made about every Big Problem we are currently facing.

    I'm not advocating any particular Path forward. I'm just suggesting that we all, individually, and collectively (and me too!) accept a lot of grief as 'the norm'—that we needn't. Maybe the first step is just to imagine what it might be like to be grief-free. What would a world with no tears feel like? Maybe that's a start...

    This is easily the most personal and 'honest' album I've done to date. (I still have so much to learn on how to do these!) I am honored to share this music with you.

    You can order A World With No Tears here

    Here are the tracks with MP3s:

    Title Time Full Mp3 20-second

    Mp3 Sample

    1. A World With No Tears 6:17 mp3 mp3
    2. Everywhere I Search For You 2:46 mp3 mp3
    3. An Exaltation Of Larks 5:03 mp3 mp3
    4. Lullaby 3:51 mp3 mp3
    5. If Only I Could Kiss It & Make It Better 6:32 mp3 mp3
    6. The Laughing Sage 3:09 mp3 mp3
    7. Diamond Dewdrops 3:49 mp3 mp3
    8. Shadows At Twilight 8:20 mp3 mp3
    9. The Harmony Of Flowers 3:00 mp3 mp3
    10. A Prayer In The Still Of The Night 5:38 mp3 mp3
    11. A Leaf In The Wind 5:09 mp3 mp3
    12. The Dragonfly's First Dawn 7:45 mp3 mp3
    Total playing time: 61:43
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