• New Book: Musical Gematria

    November 04, 2013 06:48

    I've just completed a book on 'musical gematria' — near as I can tell, the first on the topic. And what might 'musical gematria' be, you ask? My blurb from the back cover explains: (more )

  • Glass Armonica News: 'Serene Universe' is in the news!

    October 20, 2013 15:18

    (more )

    Portugal has a TV channel called RTP1 — essentially their BBC, and one of the most watched channels in the country. On their Sunday morning program "Bom dia Portugal" ("Good morning Portugal") on October 20, the host Miguel Gonçalves gave a glowing 3-minute review of Serene Universe — a DVD for which I did the film score. Miguel Gonçalves is also the National ...

  • NEW BOOK: The Glass Armonica - the Music and the Madness

    September 28, 2013 07:23

    I've just completed the first book on the history of the glass armonica after 14 years of researching and writing it. The story of the armonica turned out to be far more extraordinary than I ever could have imagined! (more )

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