Press Articles

Some representative articles about William:

Hong Kong (10/2006)

Extensive print coverage of William's "glass armonica event" in Hong Kong (mostly in Cantonese). Also see my blog about the trip.

Press Enterprise (8/8/2006)

An article about William.

NPR Interview (1/19/2006)

NPR Interview (1/19/2006) on "Insight", KXJZ, Sacramento, CA

Sacramento Bee (1/18/2006)

An article about William playing at the California State Capitol on Franklin's 300th birthday. Also see the from the California State Legislature about William's appearance.

Wall Street Journal (1/2004)

An article about the glass armonica, with a couple paragraphs about William.

Seattle Times (12/2001)

An article about William and the glass armonica.

Home Power (8-9/2001)

An article about William's solar powered glass armonica.

Christian Science Monitor (02/29/2000)

An article about the glass armonica, and William.