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  • 2012 September 9: Young Beethoven

    September 09, 2012 10:30

    In 1790 there were two 'musical capitals' in Europe — London and Vienna, and a young Beethoven had taken Vienna by storm as a concert pianist and composer. Concert bookings and commissions for new compositions were piling up, and life was very good for a 19-year-old Beethoven. In this morning’s prelude we hear this young Ludwig — like a young otter frolicking in his ocean of music — having entirely too much fun. (more )

  • 2012 September 2: Eremite's Desire

    September 02, 2012 10:30

    An ‘eremite’ is a religious recluse — from the Greek words eremia (‘desert’) & eremos (‘solitary’). In a broader sense, it is not necessary for an eremite to physically leave society—an ‘eremite’ is someone who goes against the grain of society to follow their own spiritual star, such as Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Mother Theresa. It takes a certain fierce determination — a certain implacable desire — to be an eremite... (more )