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A World With No Tears (CD)

A World With No Tears (for solo piano) takes you to a place of majestic serenity, a place of nobility, passion, and peace. Composed and performed by William Zeitler for solo piano, A World With No Tears transports you to a magical place where your cares are remembered no more.

Released: 2008

1. A World With No Tears6:17mp3pdf
2. Everywhere I Search For You2:46mp3pdf
3. An Exaltation Of Larks5:03mp3pdf
4. Lullaby3:51mp3pdf
5. If Only I Could Kiss It & Make It Better6:32mp3pdf
6. The Laughing Sage3:09mp3pdf
7. Diamond Dewdrops3:49mp3pdf
8. Shadows At Twilight8:20mp3pdf
9. The Harmony Of Flowers3:00mp3pdf
10. A Prayer In The Still Of The Night5:38mp3pdf
11. A Leaf In The Wind5:09mp3pdf
12. The Dragonfly's First Dawn7:45mp3pdf