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Elegy For Atlantis (CD)


"Inspired by an Ancient Mythical Land"

Elegy for Atlantis (for glass armonica and synthesized orchestra) inspires the romantic imagination that this ancient mythical land. Atlantis must have been an incredible place (or an incredible idea) for its memory to survive lo these many millenia. What would it be like to visit Atlantis in the imagination when it was at its apex?

Elegy for Atlantis portrays the grandeur and magic of this mythic land that resonate to this day.

Released: 1999

1. The Oracle Speaks3:44mp3 
2. Song of Desire3:47mp3 
3. Sacred Groves2:20mp3 
4. Royal City4:46mp3 
5. Deep Blue4:49mp3 
6. Hymn to Poseidon5:23mp3 
7. Pillars of Hercules4:51mp3 
8. Utopia5:47mp3 
9. Crystalline Temple3:19mp3 
10. Nightfall3:09mp3 
11. A New Heaven & Earth4:22mp3 
12. Elegy for Atlantis6:54mp3