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In Search of the Philosopher's Stone (CD)

In Medieval and early Renaissance alchemy, the Philosopher's Stone was a substance “as hard as stone and soft as wax”. And it's found everywhere, yet unrecognized—hidden in plain sight. With it you could turn lead into gold, enjoy eternal youth, and achieve spiritual 'enlightenment'.  Aren't each of us searching for our own Philosopher's Stones to transform the challenges we face into Happiness? Scored for glass armonica and symphony orchestra, In Search of the Philosopher's Stone portrays our quest to transform the Lead all around — and within us — into Gold, with music that is peaceful and ennobling.

Released: 2009

1. Harmony of the Birth of the World9:44mp3pdf
2. The Dying, Magic Fire6:27mp3 
3. New Moon Over Eden4:11mp3 
4. The Alchemical Tree5:44mp3 
5. Soliloquy7:38mp3pdf
6. Tales of the Laughing Dragon6:26mp3 
7. In Search of the Philosopher's Stone12:30mp3pdf