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The Passionate Quest (CD)

"The Heroic Quest"

The Passionate Quest (for glass armonica and chamber orchestra) is based on the earliest complete surviving Grail story, written by Eschenbach around 1100 AD—himself an impoverished itinerant knight. In this account of the Grail legend, Percival, the hero, begins as a naive young man who wants to be a knight; he passes through various mythic trials and tribulations, and ultimately is crowned the new Grail King.

Eschenbach wisely never identifies the nature of the Grail (equating the Grail to the cup of Jesus' Last Supper was centuries later). That leaves it up to us—what is the Grail for you? What are you seeking?

Released: 1999

1. Prologue3:46mp3 
2. The Forest2:54mp3 
3. The Young Knight Goes Forth1:30mp3 
4. His First Battle3:05mp3 
5. Hearth and Home3:13mp3 
6. The Grail Castle5:07mp3 
7. The Procession of the Grail3:08mp3 
8. The Unasked Question3:54mp3 
9. The Loathly Damsel2:50mp3 
10. The Wasteland4:50mp3 
11. The Hermit3:23mp3 
12. The Effectual Question3:25mp3 
13. The Coronation4:19mp3 
14. The Contemplation of the Grail3:44mp3