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Songs From Earth (CD)


"Ideal for Yoga, Massage or drifting off to Sleep "

Songs from Earth (for glass armonica, strings, and other gentle instruments) envelops you in serenity, and gently guides you to a feeling of deep inner peace. There is wisdom in rejuvenating through relaxation and each song takes you to a deeper level. Ideal for yoga, massage or "bubble bath", you can also just drift blissfully off to sleep at the end of your day.

Many have written to us that they purchased this album to help them go to sleep and haven't yet made it to the end of the album!

Released: 2001

1. Invocation2:16mp3 
2. Desire3:44mp3 
3. Hope4:23mp3 
4. Sorrow3:24mp3 
5. Soul5:01mp3 
6. Joy2:31mp3 
7. Beauty4:16mp3 
8. Imagination4:27mp3 
9. Vision3:49mp3 
10. Forgiveness7:36mp3 
11. Compassion5:28mp3 
12. Wisdom4:21mp3 
13. Peace6:43mp3