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Original CDs

In Search of the Philosopher's Stone (2009)
A World With No Tears (2008)
Music of the Spheres (2003)
Songs From Earth (2001)
Elegy For Atlantis (1999)
Midwinter Phantasy (1999)
The Passionate Quest (1999)

Piano Solo

Aria (2015)4:30infomp3pdf
Fixura Clavorum (The Imprint of the Nails) (2014)4:40 mp3pdf
Via Descensus (The Path of Descent) (2014)4:30 mp3pdf
The Euphoneous Sunrise (2014)2.30  pdf
The Marvelous Shadow (2013)3:00 mp3pdf
Immersed in the River of Life (2013)5:34 mp3pdf
The Transit of Maarten (2012)5:45info  
Eternally Starlit Sandstone (2011)8:05info  
Reflections on "Jesus Loves Me" (2009)5:07infomp3pdf
Rainbow (1998)13:09 mp3pdf
Phantasy No.21 - Piano Solo (1996)   pdf
Phantasy No.19 - Piano Solo (1994)   pdf
Phantasy No.14 - Piano Solo (1994)   pdf
Phantasy No.11 - Piano Solo (1994)   pdf
Phantasy No.10 - Piano Solo (1994)   pdf
Phantasy No. 8 - Piano Solo (1994)3:20 mp3pdf
Phantasy No. 6 - Piano Solo (1994)4:26 mp3pdf
Phantasy No. 5 - Piano Solo (1994)  mp3pdf
Six Ricercare (1993) info  
Piano Sonata (1991) info  
Phantasy No. 2 - Piano Solo (1983)3:23 mp3pdf
Phantasy No. 1 - Piano Solo (1983)4:48 mp3pdf
Six Chorales (1979) info  
Suite No. 1 in F (1978)10:53 mp3pdf
Suite No. 2 in Gm (1978)13:42 mp3pdf

Organ Solo

Symphonic Meditation: Veni Emmanuel (O Come, O Come Emmanuel) (2014)5:00infomp3pdf
Symphonic Meditation: Divinum Mysterium (Of the Father's Love Begotten) (2014)4:30infomp3pdf
Symphonic Meditation: Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence (2014)5:00infomp3pdf
Three Variations on a Solitary Theme (2014)4:30 mp3pdf
Symphonic Meditation: There's a Wideness In God's Mercy (2014)5:00 mp3pdf
The Weeping Fire (A Chaconne) (2014)3:23 mp3pdf
Many Mansions (2013)4:30info pdf
Precatio A Cetis Magnis (Prayer of the Great Whales) (2013)6:30  pdf
Symphonic Meditation: Ein' Feste Burg (2012)5:18infomp3pdf
The Eremite's Desire (2012)4:54infomp3pdf
A Heart Strangely Warmed (2007)6:00 mp3pdf
Passacaglia No. 2 (1988)5:52 mp3 
The Gates of Atlantis - Organ (1978)7:24 mp3pdf
Passacaglia No. 1 (1973)7:07 mp3pdf

Chamber Music (with Glass Armonica)

Fugue on 'Joscelyn Godwin' (2013)5:45 mp3pdf
Prelude to an Enigma (2012)8:00infomp3pdf
The Last Transit of Venus (2012)7:27info  
Zeus (2011)1:16info  
The Nature of the Journey (2011)4:46 mp3pdf
Climbing the Holy Mount (2011)5:41 mp3pdf
Vigil For A New Moon (2011)7:20 mp3pdf
The Divine Vine (2010)3:50 mp3pdf
The Journey (2009)7:04infomp3pdf
Book Of Lambspring: 1. "Two Fish" (2009)5:59infomp3pdf
Pastorale (2007)3:19infomp3pdf

Chamber Music (without Glass Armonica)

Aurorum Sabbatum (Sabbath Dawn) (2015)4:30 mp3pdf
Nun Danket Alle Gott (Now Thank We All Our God) (2014)3:00infomp3pdf
In His Mother's Arms for the First Time (2013)3:00infomp3pdf
Job's Lament (flute & piano) (2013)6:00infomp3pdf
The Adoration of the Magi (2012)3:30infomp3pdf
Robert Sardello (2012)7:15info  
Steffi's Undoing (1998)   pdf
In the Lithium Mode - Violin, Cello & Piano (1994)3:49   
"The Chameleon's Cotillion" - Chamber Ensemble (1994)10:46  pdf
Symphonia (1994)8:12   
Trinity Canon (1993)2:22   
Symphonia Concertante (1992)3:29   
Psalm 2 (1990)4:29 mp3 


Transcendental Post-Lude (2002)   pdf
Mood in C (1995)   pdf
Gavotte (E.Hn. & Pn.) (1994)   pdf
Pan's Promenade (1994)   pdf
Romance No. 2 - Viola & Piano (1994)3:33 mp3pdf
An Anemone's Lament (1994)4:21 mp3pdf
Romance No. 1 - Viola & Piano (1994)3:52 mp3pdf
Fanfare To The Dawn (1993)   pdf
Trumpet Voluntary (1992)   pdf
Tule Fog (1992)   pdf


The Word Became Flesh (SATB) (2013)2:00  pdf
Song of Amergin (2009)2:30info pdf
The Seventy-Two Names of God (2006)7:59infomp3pdf
"Alleluia" - SATB chorus (1994)4:36 mp3pdf
I Will Pour Out My Spirit (1994)   pdf
Our Hearts Are Restless (1993)   pdf


Four Prayers: 3. Supplication (2000)3:26infomp3pdf
Four Prayers: 1. Confession (2000)3:46infomp3pdf
Four Prayers: 4. Communion (2000)3:18infomp3pdf
Four Prayers: 2. Adoration (2000)3:31infomp3pdf
Three Sacred Songs: 2) "Thy Judgement As The Noonday" (1995)3:11 mp3pdf
Three Sacred Songs: 3) "As the Evening Sacrifice" (1994)3:14 mp3pdf
Three Sacred Songs: 1) "Thy Lovingkindness in the Morning" (1994)4:47 mp3pdf
Alleluia (No. 2) (1994)   pdf
Nunc Dimittis (1993)3:13 mp3 
Magnificat (1992)4:59 mp3 
O Morning Star (1978)4:49   


A "trance-music" experiment (2006)3:48 mp3 
'Abundance' Meditation (2004)17:55 mp3 

Other CDs

Gothic Christmas (2008)
Crystal Christmas (2002)
Hymns for the Heart (2003)


Be Stillmp3pdf
Come To Memp3pdf
God Gives Us Beautymp3pdf
Holy, Holy, Holymp3pdf
I Will Lift Mine Eyesmp3pdf
Kyrie Eleisonmp3pdf
My Soul Magnifies The Lordmp3pdf
Not My Willmp3pdf
O Give Thanks Unto The Lordmp3pdf
The Lord Is Near The Broken Heartedmp3pdf
The Word Became Fleshmp3pdf
They That Wait Upon The Lordmp3pdf
Trust In The Lord With All Your Heartmp3pdf
Unless A Grain Of Wheatmp3pdf


5 Rounds #1: There Is Not A Wordmp3pdf
5 Rounds #2: And Now Abidethmp3pdf
5 Rounds #3: O Lord, Our Lordmp3pdf
5 Rounds #4 & #5: The Two Great Commandments (a double round)mp3pdf
7 Mystical Rounds #1: I Am the Bread of Lifemp3pdf
7 Mystical Rounds #2: I Am the Light of the Worldmp3pdf
7 Mystical Rounds #3: I Am the Gatemp3pdf
7 Mystical Rounds #4: I Am the Good Shepherdmp3pdf
7 Mystical Rounds #5: I Am the Resurrection & the Lifemp3pdf
7 Mystical Rounds #6: I Am the Way, Truth, Lifemp3pdf
7 Mystical Rounds #7: I Am the True Vinemp3pdf
Glory To God In The Highestmp3pdf
I Am the Bread Of Lifemp3pdf
I Am The Good Shepherdmp3pdf
I Am The Light Of The Worldmp3pdf
I Am The True Vinemp3pdf
To Live Is Christmp3pdf