Here are MP3s and/or PDF scores of my original music (for which I have recordings and/or pdfs!)

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Original DVDs

Serene Universe (2013)

Film Scores

Venus Twilight Experiment (2016)
Craft Beer in Japan - Trailer (2016)
About Time, Space & Water (2013)
The Last Transit of Venus (2012)
Galileo (2012)
Entre Marte & Svalbard (Between Mars & Svalbard) (2012)
Lumière (Light) (2011)
Longstories (Lung Stories) (2011)
VIRTIS: The Visible & Infared Thermal Imaging Spectrometer (2010)
Rosetta's Comet Touchdown (2010)

Videos Featuring William

The Eremite's Desire (Organ)
The Last Transit of Venus (Glass Armonica)
William on the History Channel (Glass Armonica)
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy (Glass Armonica)
Hong Kong in the Spring (Glass Armonica)
Venus (Glass Armonica)
Lullaby (Piano)