• New Music: "Soliloquy"

    August 20, 2007 22:14

    I've just finished a new piece, called Soliloquy, for armonica, string orchestra, French horn and lute (or guitar). I'm interested in exploring the color of armonica plus other instruments, and there's just very little written for armonica and orchestra so more needs to be written. (Me! Me!)

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    NOTE: ...

  • Re-release of 'Midwinter Phantasy' CD

    August 20, 2007 18:15

    By popular demand, I've reprinted a CD I did in 1998, called Midwinter Phantasy. It's "like sitting in your favorite cozy chair, by a fire in the fireplace, on a beautiful winter day".

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    In the years since I did this album, both my playing and my recording capabilities have improved enormously. But too many folks keep telling ...

  • About 'Form'

    August 19, 2007 08:05

    A composer friend of mine asked how I manage 'form'—the overall 'structure' of a piece.

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    Well, in music school they teach you about the classic 'forms': fugue, sonata allegro, etc. But this approach assumes that there is some sort of almost ...

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