New Music: "A World With No Tears"

October 31, 2007 13:11

(UPDATE: This piece is now included on my album A World With No Tears)

In Greek mythology there were nine muses—the goddesses of the Arts—and Euterpe ("you-TER-pay") was the muse of Music.

I've written an awful lot of music and worked hard at my craft for a long time—the music on this site is only the tip of the iceberg of the total amount of music I've written. Nevertheless, there are so many times in the process of writing music that it almost has a mind of its own—ideas come that seem too good for me to have thought of. I ascribe those moments to Euterpe, and then my years of experience can take those embryonic ideas and nurture them into something.

My last 'new music' was a piece for piano, so I had planned on this one being something for armonica. But apparently Euterpe had different ideas!

This piece came about from a recent experience with a dear friend. One of the archetypal stories in mythology is of the 'hero'—an otherwise ordinary person who is one day dragged kicking and screaming down to Hades, and they manage to crawl and fight their way back to the ordinary world. Not everyone makes it out of Hades, but those that do emerge from the Subterranean Realm transformed, with gifts for their fellow humanity that they couldn't have acquired any other way. (Joseph Campbell has a great book on this: The Hero with a Thousand Faces—a favorite of mine.)

Many people have had this experience in their lives, where they go through some personal Hell, refuse to be defeated by it, and do the incredible Inner Work required to recover. And they succeed! But there are always scars. And sometimes they just ache, and all that can really be offered is a Hug. Perhaps a Musical Hug. Such as this piece...



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