Globalization, Film Scores, and Yours Truly

December 31, 2007 16:03

I was recently contacted by Sören Hyldgaard, a film composer in Denmark. He wanted glass armonica in his score for a film called Red, but flying me to Denmark to record them just wasn't in the cards. So instead he sent me the cues (each musical 'chunk' of film score is called a 'cue') and I recorded the glass armonica parts in my own studio and sent them (by ftp) back to Denmark. Sören and his engineers then dropped my glass armonica recordings into that of the rest of the orchestra. Sören wrote:

Thanks to your precision AND the advent of digital editing, we spent a mere 45 mins adjusting and sync'ing your glass cues to my score - - and the blend is magnificent, no less! Your GA adds a haunting facet and makes an integral part of the score's and thereby the film's 'sound'. The Prague studio is direly pressed for time, so we did not make the final 5 channel mix of the score. My engineer will do this tomorrow or Saturday at the latest. So we're are all eagerly awaiting the final score, mixed and sweetened and ready to adhere to the pic. FYI, final mix commences 2 January and the film will open on Sundance around 19 January.

We've never even talked on the phone—the whole project took place entirely over the internet. The world is indeed a-changing!

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