• New Music: "A Leaf in the Wind"

    March 22, 2008 15:10

    (Time for another visit with my friend Jack ...)

    William: Hey, Jack, good to see you again!

    Jack: Always a pleasure, my friend!

    William: The news about the economy lately is sure amazing. It's an astonishing and sad thing to behold.

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    Jack: Yes, there's ...

  • New Music: "A Prayer in the Still of the Night"

    February 29, 2008 12:09

    For the last week or so I've been waking up at 2:30 am. Wide awake. Which has been driving me (and my wife) crazy.

    My diet/routine/etc. hasn't changed lately, but I've tried varying them anyway to see if I could figure out what's going on. No difference—still wide awake at 2:30 am.

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    Then, day before yesterday, my wife ...

  • New Music: "The Dragonfly's First Dawn"

    January 14, 2008 19:56
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    A dragonfly is a truly extraordinary creature. It remains in its larval stage underwater for as long as 5 years. When it's ready to metamorphose into an adult, it climbs up a reed or other plant out of the water, at night, and emerges from its cocoon. When the ...

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