• New Music: "The Dying, Magic Fire"

    December 13, 2008 08:01
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    Of course we all know about the 'alchemists' of the Middle Ages and early Renaissance—attempting to "turn lead into gold". What isn't as well known is that there was a lot more to Alchemy than just that: it was actually proto-science: for example, they figured out by long trial and error how to make substances like 'nitric acid'—many of the initial and practical 'baby steps' that made ...

  • New Music: "New Moon Over Eden"

    December 05, 2008 23:09

    A new piece for your consideration. My title is more whimsical than usual (hint: what does a 'new moon' look like? <grin!>)

    The tune is played on the glass armonica. When the tune is repeated, the armonica is doubled two octaves lower by a bass clarinet—a fun sounding combination, if I say so myself!


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  • New Music: "Tales of the Laughing Dragon"

    November 26, 2008 08:39

    With this piece I'm just having too much fun with a symphony orchestra!

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    The second section of the piece, by the way, is a 'canon', which is fancy music-jargon for a 'round' like "Row Row Row Your Boat" (although 'canons' can also take other pretty interesting forms). For you music readers, music world has a 'shorthand' for notating canons—'Row Row Row Your Boat' would look ...

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