New Piece: "Reflections on 'Jesus Loves Me'"

May 18, 2009 12:56

"Jesus Loves Me" is a famous children's song. (I was a little surprised when I got the idea for this piece that music for it was hard to find on the internet, so here's a lead sheet: pdf Finale )

It's interesting to take a childhood memory like this song and reflect on it through the lens of the joys and sorrows that have intervened over the decades. Some childhood ideas and dreams are left behind. But other childhood ideas and dreams end up defining the course of our lives—although perhaps now reframed and deepened by an older, hard-won perspective. (I've symbolized that in this piece by restating the song—as dreamlike fragments of it appear—with a different meter.)

So here's a solo piano piece, reflecting on this iconic children's song:



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