New Music/Image/Poem: "The Journey"

September 15, 2009 13:18

(The poem, image, and music belong together)

The Journey

If darkness be east,

Go west!

If evil be south,

Go north!

If want be below,

Go above!

If sadness be without,

Go within!

You will never find the Water of Life

Lying in the desert:

“Look how bright is the sun!“ you say.

“See how the dunes shimmer!

See how beautiful and unique

Is each and every grain of sand!


“Woe is me!

It is too hard!

I am not strong enough,

Wise enough,

Beautiful enough,

Wealthy enough,

Anything enough

To rouse myself!

Countless are the excuses

With which we distract ourselves,

That keep us prostrate,

That lull us into a fatal sleep,

Slowly dying of thirst,

Slowly transforming us

Into crumbling bones in the sand.

Better to follow visions of Water,

Even mirages!

Than to lay down in the sand and die!

Better to follow rumors of Water,

Hearsay from fellow travelers,

And even the occasional deliberate Lie

Than to lay down in the sand and die!

Run when you can!

Crawl when you must!

But if you keep your course

Strait and True,

Guided by Eternal Polaris by night,

And the sun's passing shadows by day,

In due time you will find Paradise.

The Compass

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="125" caption="An Ordinary Compass"]An Ordinary Compass[/caption]

Every journey needs a compass. But compasses usually have their arrows pointing outward—the image for "The Journey" has its arrows pointing inward.

And, the 'eye' is an apt symbol for 'reason' (as in: "I SEE what you mean"). Meanwhile, St. John (and others) inform us that "God is Love" (heart)—and not "God is Thought" (mind)! In this image, "heart/Love" envelopes "mind/reason." Mind without heart is as inclined towards Evil as Good (e.g. Hitler's acknowledged genius). But Mind directed and focused by Heart/Love—ah—that be a True Compass!!

With your indulgence, the remaining symbolism of this image is left as an exercise to the reader...

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="612" caption="The Compass"]The Compass[/caption]

The Music

"The Journey" is scored for glass armonica, string orchestra and harp.



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