• New Music/Image/Poem: "The Journey"

    September 15, 2009 13:18

    (The poem, image, and music belong together)

    The Journey

    If darkness be east,

    Go west!

    If evil be south,

    Go north!

    If want be below,

    Go above!

    If sadness be without,

    Go within!

    You will never find the Water of Life

    Lying in the desert: (more )

    New Music: "Two Fish"

    August 09, 2009 16:19
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    “Alchemy“ is fairly well known as the attempt during the Middle Ages and Late Renaissance to turn Lead into Gold. An enormous body of alchemical literature has survived. But within that literature is a stream in which ‘alchemy’ was a metaphor for turning the human heart from Lead into Gold—a way to talk about Spirituality and alternate ideas about Christianity that might ...

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