NEW MUSIC: Two New Organ Chorale Preludes

September 20, 2009 18:47

"Chorale" is simply the official musicology name for a 'hymn', and a 'chorale prelude' is a free arrangement of a hymn.

Chorale preludes have a long history in music. Even not-particularly-religious composers wrote them—-just because!

By the way, hymn tunes get all sorts of different words set to them, so the tunes themselves have been given nicknames to keep them straight. (E.g."'Nicaea" and "St. Denio"). If you're acquainted with any hymnal at all, you'll certainly recognize these tunes right away.

So, here are two more contributions to that long and honorable tradition. In the mp3 I've played the hymn tune itself once straight, and then the chorale prelude. Both are for pipe organ.



St. Denio



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