November 24, 2013: The Sunken Cathedral

November 24, 2013 22:40

La Cath├ędrale Engloutie ("The Sunken Cathedral")Claude Debussy (1862-1918)
— piano

Debussy is now one of the icons of classical music, but it was not always thus. In his day, at a rehearsal of his Pelleas et Melisande, a well-known professor at the Conservatoire said in an angry voice to a group of his pupils assembled around him: "The first one to bring this filthy score into my class, the first to make these errors of harmony, I will *** him to the door of my class and *** him to the gate of the Conservatoire," an attitude that was held by the Conservatoire in general. And it was no hyperbolic threat: a little later a pupil by name Emile Vuillermoz was expelled by another professor for mere possession of the forbidden score.

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