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  • 2018 November 17: Open My Eyes

    November 17, 2015 10:30

    In 1856 (age 15), Scott attended the first Music Institute held in Chicago by the then well-known C.M. Cady. By 1859 (age 18), she was teaching music at the Ladies' Seminary in Lyons, Iowa. She married Henry Clay Scott in 1861 (née Scott — her husband conveniently already had the same last name). In 1882 she published her Royal Anthem Book, the first volume of choir anthems published by a woman. Horatio R. Palmer, an influential church musician in Chicago and later New York City, was a source of encouragement for Scott, and helped her publish many of her songs. In 1895 "Open My Eyes" was published and became her best-known hymn. In 1896 she published a book called Truth in Song for Lovers of Truth. (more )

  • 2015 November 15: Bach & Pedagogy

    November 15, 2015 10:30

    It was pointed out to me on Reformation Sunday that "you know, the organ can be played quietly too," to which I replied "Not on Reformation Sunday!" Meanwhile, I thought I'd play an organ piece on the soft end of the musical loudness spectrum. (Neener neener!) (more )

  • 2017 November 5: Mozart

    November 05, 2015 10:30

    Mozart was once approached by a young man who was interested in Mozart's advice on how to compose a symphony. Since he was still very young, Mozart recommended that he start by composing ballads (songs). Surprised, the young man responded, "But you wrote symphonies when you were only ten years old." "But I didn't have to ask how," countered Mozart. (more )

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