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  • 2015 November 1: Jan Hus

    November 01, 2015 10:30

    Jan Hus (1369–1415) was one of the earliest reformers — something of a "John the Baptist" laying the groundwork for the Reformation that was to come a century later. Hus was a Czech professor and preacher who — influenced by England's John Wycliffe (1331–1384) — railed against the moral and theological scandals of the Church of his day, including 'indulgences' and the idea of Purgatory. Hus also promoted the scurrilous ideas of Scripture in the local language of the people, congregational hymn singing, and married priests. For his efforts he was burned at the stake. (more )

  • 2015 August 2: William Williams

    July 29, 2015 15:23

    William Williams (1717-1791) is generally considered to be Wales' most famous hymn writer. As a writer of both poetry and prose, Williams is today considered one of Wale's greatest literary figures. He was equally distinguished as one of the key leaders of the 18th century Welsh Methodist revival. (more )

  • 2015 July 5: My Country Tis of Thee

    July 05, 2015 22:30

    In Beethoven's day a popular musical form was "Theme and Variations". The template was to take a popular tune of the day — the 'theme' — which the composer states rather simply, and follow it with 'variations' which displayed the composer's imaginative powers. Beethoven was regarded as the "Mike Tyson" of that form and wrote twenty-two sets. (more )

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