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  • 2016 April 24: Earth Day

    April 24, 2016 10:30

    It's a commonplace in Christian thinking that God reveals Herself in 'the Book of Scripture' (the Bible) and 'the Book of Nature'. Personally I think there are more than these two, but who's counting! Meanwhile, this week we celebrated 'Earth Day', so I thought we might focus some musical attention on the 'Book of Nature'. (more )

  • 2016 April 10: Sonata Form

    April 10, 2016 10:30

    Down through the aeons, various ways of structuring a piece of music have come in and out of fashion. Currently by far the most popular form is verse/chorus, verse/chorus,  rinse and repeat — namely, most every popular song written in the last 100 years. (more )

  • 2016 March 13: Mozart's Remains

    March 13, 2016 10:30

    At three o'clock in the afternoon of December 6, 1791, the body of Mozart received the final benediction in the transept chapel on the north side of St. Stephen's Church in Vienna. A violent storm of snow and rain was raging, and a half-dozen friends — including Salieri, and Mozart's student Sussmayer (who completed his teacher's unfinished Requiem for us) — stood under umbrellas around the bier, which was then carried to the churchyard of St. Mark's. The storm continued to rage so fiercely that the mourners decided to turn back before they reached their destination, and not a friend stood by when the body of Mozart was lowered into the grave. Due to poverty no grave had been bought, and his body was consigned to a common vault made to contain from fifteen to twenty coffins, which were dug up every ten years or so to make room for new. So no stone marks Mozart's final resting place — indeed his mortal remains are completely lost. 

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