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  • 2017 Aug 27: Preludes in C

    August 27, 2017 10:30

    Bear with me for a bit of mathematical music theory (I promise to minimize the discomfort!). In music, two notes at the same time are called an 'interval', and two intervals in particular are profoundly fundamental to human music worldwide. If you'll recall your "do-re-mi's", our two biggie intervals are the 'octave' -- from 'do' through re, mi, fa... back to 'do', and the other is the 'fifth' (if 'do' = 1, then 're' = 2, 'mi' = 3, 'fa', = '4' and 'so' = 5 ... so from 'do' to 'so' is a 'fifth'). (more )

  • 2013, Aug 20: Chopin's "Raindrop Prelude"

    August 20, 2017 10:30

    "When I am gone," said Chopin to some of his musical friends, "play in memory of me, and I will hear you from beyond." Franchhomme, a dear friend and musical colleague, answered him, "Well then, we will play your sonata." "Oh, no, not mine, play really good music. Mozart, for instance."

  • 2017 Aug 11: Water Music

    August 13, 2017 10:30

    The Water Music is a collection of orchestral movements, often published as three suites, composed by George Frideric Handel. It premiered on 17 July 1717, in response to King George I's request for a concert on the River Thames. (more )

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