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  • 2018 September 30: Jedi Fugue Tricks

    September 30, 2018 10:30

    In keeping with the theme that sometimes 'less is more than enough' I thought I would also devote this Sunday and next to two more selections from the Well Tempered Keyboard -- a landmark collection of pieces composed for a minimal four octave student keyboard. (As an aside, I note that although the church can afford to write checks for $4000 for the electric bill checks, is that really the best use of that kind of money? I say no, and think us worshiping in the Fellowship Hall during particularly hot weather is worthy experiment. But I digress...) 

  • 2018 September 23: Less can be more

    September 23, 2018 22:30

    One of the pathological beliefs of our day is that ‘happiness requires more, More, MORE!’ A bigger house! With even more stuff in it! And more everything! But with an ever increasing human population generating more and more waste, and consuming more and more finite resources faster than they can be replaced, that belief will literally kill us.(more )

  • 2016 September 4: Isaac Watts

    September 16, 2018 10:30

    Isaac Watts (1674–1748) was an English logician, Christian theologian, and the author of some 750 hymn texts, including "O God, Our Help in Ages Past". Watts was brought up in the home of a committed religious Nonconformist; his father, also Isaac Watts, was imprisoned twice for his views. Watts received a classical education, learning Latin, Greek and Hebrew. (more )

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