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  • 2017 April 16: The Holes

    May 19, 2019 10:30

    Amidst all the loud hallelujahs and trumpets that rightfully characterize Easter, there's a little detail of the story that recaptures my imagination again and again, namely: The Resurrected Christ still has the holes in His hands and feet. (more )

  • 2019 May 11: Maria von Paradis

    May 11, 2019 10:30

    Maria Theresia Paradis (1759-1824) was the daughter of Joseph Anton Paradis, Imperial Secretary of Commerce to the Empress Maria Theresa. Around three years old Maria awoke one morning completely blind. Dad was sufficiently affluent to afford the best medical care available at the time, which in 1762 was rather grim: they shaved her head and put plasters on it for two months; and then there were the leaches, purgatives, and electric shocks. Unsurprisingly her condition didn't improve.(more )

  • 2019 May 5: Arauxo

    May 05, 2019 10:30

    Francisco Correa de Arauxo (1584–1654) is considered one of the major composers and music theorists of the late Spanish Renaissance. What little biographical data we have is that he was born in Seville and baptized probably in September 1584. He was appointed organist of the Salvador (the second church in Seville) in 1599, and ordained priest probably in 1608. His relationship with the clergy however does not always seem to have been amicable: reports have survived chronicling problems with keys, money, rudeness and misbehavior in the church, issues with substitute organists, etc., the court ruling sometimes Correa, sometimes for the other. One of these lawsuits landed Correa in jail for a short time.(more )

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