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  • 2019 January 26: Metanoia

    January 26, 2020 10:30

    This morning’s assigned Scripture includes Jesus’ proclaimation: "Repent, for the Kingdom of the Heavens is at hand!"

    The word here translated as "repent" is another example of English lacking a word that expresses the depth of the Greek text. "Repent" has the connotation of "stop doing something that you like", whereas the Greek word METANOIA (meh-TAH-nee-ah) means something quite different: a complete change in your way of thinking. NOUS, NOEĊŒ, etc. (noun, verb. etc.) are the family of Greek words for ’mind’, ’think’, etc. So META-NOIA is something like "change your Mind" except that this phrase in English is entirely too shallow for what the Greek word signifies: in English I might "change my mind" about what color socks to wear today, but METANOIA would be more like the alcoholic who wakes up in the gutter, has a conversion experience, and is faithful to Alcoholics Anonymous for the rest of their life.

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