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  • METANOIAs great and small

    March 22, 2020 23:14

    "Be repenting, for the kingdom of God is at hand."

    This verse is surely a perennial theme of Lent. Previously I’ve written about how there just isn’t a good English translation for the Greek word METANOIA (meh-TAH-nee-ah), generally translated ’repentence’. METANOIA means more along the lines of ’change of mind-set’, and I gave the example of the drunk waking up in the gutter, having a religious conversion experience and never touching a drop of alcohol again. That’s an extreme (and marvelous) example of METANOIA, but I think we can routinely experience smaller METANOIAs every day. Indeed, the verb tense in this verse indicates that continual ’repentence’ is what’s in mind: "Be [continually] changing your mind-set", so to speak. (more )

  • 2020 March 8: John 3

    March 08, 2020 01:14

    The story of Nicodemus visiting Jesus in in John 3 is loaded with 'Greek goodies', including plays on words that don't translate into English, and words that are ambiguous in interesting ways. Here are a few...  (more )

  • 2019 March 1: Infinity

    March 01, 2020 10:30

    Lent is a complex mix of themes, and a major one for me personally is ‘limitations’ — how limited and finite we really are.

    I’d like to begin by considering its opposite: ‘infinite’. We say that Space is infinite in extent. But is it? You can progress around a circle as long as you like without ever reaching an end, but the circumference of the circle is finite. In math-speak it is “finite but unbounded.” (more )