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What I'm doing now:

(Inspired by Derek Sivers, last updated Nov 26 2015 06:50 CST)

  • My wife's 82 year old mother passed peacefully in her sleep last Tuesday (November 17) after a long battle with Alzheimers. It's still a shock, and the logistics are mindboggling (call Social Security, etc.)
  • I'm taking an indefinitely long sabbatical from glass armonica performance. This entails significant update of my website to reflect my shifting priorities.
  • I'm working on a commercial software project with my long time friend Brett (we were on the C++ team at Microsoft together back in the day). I can't yet say anything about our project, but so far I've written about 15,000 lines of Java and 1,500 lines of ANTLR for it. We expect to have a 'minimum viable demo' next Spring. Meanwhile we're doing this on our own shoestring.
  • Launching A Thoughtful Bible: decades ago I did my own translation of the New Testament from the original Greek, put it on the shelf because I had no idea what to do with it, but now I do. (For one thing, my writing skills have improved immensely over the past few decades!) This will entail reediting the translation (I'm older and more thoughtful now, right? At least that's the theory!). There are also quite a few technical challenges to overcome. So I thought I'd blog the whole process on